News: Simon’s sculpture at the Royal Academy of Arts

A piece of Simon’s sculpture, ‘Ludlow Races’ was hung at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2012. The exhibition was at the Royal Academy, Piccadilly, London and ran from 4 June until 12 August 2012. There were over 12,000 entries for the exhibition, with selection made by a panel of Royal Academicians. Further details are on the ‘Royal Academy’ page of this website. The piece was sold at the first private view of the exhibition.

  The Artist

Simon lives and works in rural Shropshire, from a studio overlooking Wenlock Edge. Much of his work (including ‘Ludlow Races’) is inspired by his love of the British countryside and his respect for the people who keep it alive. His work often explores the relationships between people in groups or crowds. He also depicts the dynamics of animals in groups; flocks of sheep, packs of hounds and shoals of fish.