Green Men and Women

The Green Man is a common symbol in Britain. Although its precise origins are not known, for many people it is symbolic of the union between man and nature. The Green Man is often used to celebrate the arrival of Spring (the re-awakening of the land) after the cold of the Winter. It is both a warning to treat our relationship with nature with respect, but also a powerful symbol of hope and regeneration. The Christian tradition also adopted the Green Man as both a warning and as a symbol of hope and rebirth, and it is a common sight in rural churches.

You can commission the artist to create a Green Man or Woman individual to you. Gather your own leaves from a place  which has particular meaning for you, and the artist will create a Green Man or Woman using those leaves.

The Sculptural Wall Planters page of this website contains more images of Green Men. Most of the Green Men and Women are suitable for indoors or out. They make original and dramatic features. The majority are frost proof. Contact the artist for details.

Prices depend upon size and complexity. Contact the artist for details using the contact page of this website.